Beavercreek, OH

My goal is to make your home a unique expression of you, showcase your personality and enhance your everyday life through functional, practical and beautiful designs.

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Designing with La-Z-Boy for 4 years

About Hilda

How do you determine the right style for your clients?

I ask lots of questions about their lifestyle, observe their current style and make sure I understand how they want the new room to differ or resemble their current look. I strongly encourage my clients to embrace new ideas!

What is the design tip you just can't stress enough.

Scale is critical. Make sure the furniture you want is not oversized, or undersized, for your room.

What are your favorite La-Z-Boy fabrics right now and why?

Caprice continues to be my favorite for its durability, but the iClean™ is a close second because you can get all different types of textures.

Happy feedback

I absolutely LOVED my designer, Hilda. She was friendly, professional and fun! The service was more than I was expecting. Hilda listened to my vision, took pictures, measured the room and the distance between windows, and even took note of carpet and wood flooring colors.

I learned about the design service in-store. I declined the service at first because I thought it would take up too much time, but then I reconsidered. I’m so glad I did!

Hilda's design has given us a great layout where we can all be together in one room and the furniture is super comfortable! Our family uses the room to be together. We watch movies, play board games, read and relax. It is our most used room!