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San Marcos, CA

Creating a home is something close to Carol-Ann’s heart, and she understands the importance not just of designing a room to suit your lifestyle, but keeping pieces you have and like. “We need a space of our own where we feel we belong.”

Design badges:

Couples Collaborator
Blending styles for a look you’ll both love.

Pet Pro
Styles and décor that stand up to pets.

Accessory Ace
Adding the perfect finishing touches.

Coastal Chic
Creating light and bright, beach-inspired looks.

Kid Friendly
Designing spaces with safety and spills in mind.

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Q & A

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What common questions do you get from your clients – regarding the design process?

My clients typically ask about space planning and how to blend styles. Two of the most common questions are, “What about the pieces I want to keep?” and “What if I don’t like it?” Both of which I love to answer. Of course we will work with your favorite pieces or even work around the pieces you want to replace later. We can coordinate with anything, whether it is a temporary piece or a family treasure. A lot of clients ask “What if I don’t like it?”. I explain to them that we have all the tools to show you just how your new room is going to look and I have the ability and education to express to you why each piece, frame, pattern, and accessory were chosen. I am confident you will love the room we worked together to design because I listened to you and chose each piece with your family in mind. I know you will love it!

What tips do you have for clients who are re-designing their space?

Understanding the product is key. I educate my clients on all of the details, how the piece is made, what is the warranty, understand the “fit” as well as the aesthetic and how it will jive with your space. The most effective way to determine the right style for my clients is to listen and observe. Knowing when to be quiet and being able to listen effectively is an essential aspect of my role.

What is your favorite way to spend your Saturday?

My favorite way to spend my day off is at the beach! Rain or shine the beach is a place of rejuvenation and peace for me. I am lucky to live in a place where I can visit any time I want!

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