Danielle’s Story



La-Z-Boy Designer

The Opportunity

The family wanted their crowded family room to feel more open, but also needed additional seating. After years of traveling they had many beautiful items they wanted incorporated into the design, including a collection of oriental pieces, which really inspired the look.

Client’s redesigned living room

The Experience

The client was very pleased with our input and ideas and were excited that we were able to accommodate all of their functional needs into the design. We were able to solve every problem they had!

Client’s redesigned living room

The Result

The client loved how the room felt larger and more open, even after adding more seats! They also loved the quality and comfort of their new furniture. My goal is to make things easy for my clients, and they appreciated not having to stress or worry about the process.

*Products and covers shown above may no longer be available.

Final Thoughts

We try to make it easy on our customers by really listening and guiding them in the right direction. They enjoyed that all of the stress and worry was taken off of them and put on our shoulders. The design was tailor-made for their style and they love how it feels now!

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